Understanding carbon emissions in your organisation’s systems and how carbon can be managed to reduce risks, foster innovation and provide competitive opportunities is essential for developing ‘carbon resilience’.   The cost of carbon inputs into the company is steadily increasing, and high carbon content products and services are prohibitive to achieving long-term sustainability goals.

What is it?

Carbon emissions are the new business performance metric – cutting through the financial, operational, productivity and people parts of your business.  A Carbon Management Response Plan (CMRP) is a performance management tool for supporting the carbon reduction strategy of the business.  The CMRP process delineates how emissions will be managed and reduced in a cost effective way, without adversely impacting the strategic goals of the organisation.  Having a carbon strategy unlocks organisational value by engaging teams from all aspects of the business in the solution.

Why is it important to the Board?

Companies should be aware of their obligations under section 299A of the Corporations Act, as well as the ASX Corporate Governance Principles in identifying material changes to the company’s risk profile. As a Director, strategy formulation and policy-making are also part and parcel of the role related to matters of performance and the Board’s contribution to corporate direction.  Demonstrating to your stakeholder community that your organisation has a genuine and rigorous approach to managing carbon across your operations, and embedded within your culture demonstrates best practice.

With a changing federal and state political landscape, changes to climate change policy have created greater uncertainty for business. Best practice dictates that your business decisions account for future regulation (or a price on carbon) and identify opportunities as a result of programs that might offer grant funding, enable Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) or other White Certificates (ESCs/VEECs) that you can access and apply for.

What’s in it for you?

  • Develop shared understanding of the strategic risks and opportunities associated with managing carbon in the business;
  • Evaluate impacts of climate change;
  • Understand the direct and indirect implications for the organisation and competitive marketplace;
  • Evaluate the readiness and capacity of the organisation to build carbon resilience;
  • Establish a framework to develop a CMRP to manage ‘whole-of-organisation’ carbon reductions;
  • Agreement on the necessary resources and capacity building requirements to ensure success;
  • An agreed context for communicating the organisation’s carbon management response plan to stakeholders

How do we do it?

  • Board round-table briefing or lunchtime strategy session:  covers off what you need to know (knowledge, skills and capacity), where your organisation is at, and an assessment of value-add to your company for purposes of cost-benefit analysis.  Can be a facilitated working session with survey work in advance.
  • Facilitated workshops for up to 16 participants:  we can deliver workshops tailored to Directors or senior management teams, or assist your organisation with the development of a Carbon Management Plan.  Through our strategic alliance with Carbon Training International*, we can provide government accredited workforce training programs approved under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework to enable you to build organisational capacity and reduce your reliance on third party consultants.

Be a leader.  Engage your team – empower your social capital – and build ‘carbon’ resilience into your organisation.