Sustainability is your business. Sustainability begins with Board oversight and commitment and informs management systems and processes that integrate sustainability into day-to-day decision-making. Sustainability is the ability for your enterprise to operate into the future – no matter what that future holds and what demands are placed on its leadership.  Steering an enterprise into a future requires the ability to adapt quickly and to make robust decisions under complex circumstances – often involving management of high-risk consequences. Building resilience into an organisation requires the capacity to adapt and thrive within a complex, dynamic and often turbulent environment.  Enterprise resilience is built through action: it lives in the DNA of the company – in the values, in the culture, in the systems and processes – and is governed by the ability of the organisation to create and maintain a diverse repository of social capital.

The Walton Group works with Boards, Board Committees, Directors and Senior Management to advise and deliver practical solutions within your organisation and help build the sustainability skills repository of your team.  We distil big picture messages into manageable actions that can help you drive performance.  We work with your team under the drivers and constraints unique to your organisation and help fill in the gaps that reduce your long-term risks.  We turn information into knowledge and manage it in a way that keeps you current and relevant.  We can help you communicate your performance and grow your social capital within parameters that work for you, or by developing a new framework to build resilience throughout your organisation.