The public sector requires specialist skills and knowledge because of the fundamental differences from commercial corporations and not-for-profit organisations.

The Walton Group has those specialist skills and understands the competing priorities, political tensions and stakeholder issues that often lie at the core of policy and governance requirements for government departments, government business enterprises, statutory authorities and universities.

Government Business Enterprises are hybrid organisations and present unique challenges again, as do our universities. Public sector entities must manage the reality of uneasy tensions between their business interests, community and political interests. Governance frameworks must take account of this tension and of the need to maintain the highest levels of trust and confidence with stakeholders while often managing in political environments that can change rapidly.

A number of our consultants have held senior positions in government departments so bring with them rich, personal experience informing our Public Sector Practice. This experience is invaluable for understanding your concerns and issues and for getting to the core of them quickly, to help you address them effectively.

We recognise that the scale and complexity of government creates a new level of challenge for decision-makers in these unique organisations. In our experience, navigating and negotiating across multiple reporting lines, central agencies, cabinet processes and Ministerial requirements can always be improved with specialised input and the targeted development of capabilities.