The board with the CEO have a primary responsibility to ensure the performance of their organisations. Quality and timely staff feedback is critical. Data and independent reports on staff engagement, climate, satisfaction and needs can provide directors with trends and the decision-making information to support the CEO in building a high performance culture and the management of staff. Robust reports are also useful to better understand customers or stakeholders. For The Walton Group, the secret to successful organisational and staff surveys lies in the speed, quality and reliability of the survey process. TWG provides pulse surveys, organisational surveys, and processing facilities for customised survey production.

Why is it important to you?

Good management practice and therefore board diligence includes the conduct of periodical organisational surveys to gauge employee views about how they see the business and their involvement in the business.

Surveys can also be used to:

  • Gauge the view of employees, customers or stakeholders on specific issues
  • Map the health of the organisation
  • Evaluate major projects in terms of process and outcomes

All of these processes foster better decision making that delivers sustainable gains in productivity.

What do you get?

The board gets quality data and reporting fast while at the same time ensuring employee, customer or stakeholder confidentiality. Directors can assess where the organisation is at around important concerns and are able to take quick action where necessary.

The Walton Group can customise the survey design, process and report to meet the board’s requirement for feedback on important areas of their governance. Surveys also provide an opportunity to efficiently assemble large data sets using a confidential and objective process that provides anonymity for respondents, and independent interpretation and analysis of data. We involve the Chairperson, CEO or their appointed delegate in the planning and execution of confidential surveys. Surveys are delivered in a multi-lingual environment over the Internet to reduce the time to collect and collate data, minimise administration time, and improve data reliability.

We provide an end-to-end service to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can advise on how to communicate about the surveys to participants and responders and we can help you choose the most appropriate responders if necessary. We design the look and feel of the survey to match your brand and then deploy the survey online quickly and easily.

The Walton Group use methodologies and technology to ensure our surveys are statistically valid and are accessible to respondents and organisations in any location to maximise opportunities for a multi-layered analysis of results. We have the infrastructure and capacity to manage large scale surveys segmented across multiple divisions, business units or related entities. These features ensure that organisations can rely on our reports and confidently build recommendations based on the sound information that we present. Our Principals have the skills to provide individual or group feedback to participants to optimise the engagement.