Independent reviews and due diligence undertakings are opportunities to understand  the performance of the whole organisation, business processes, functions and organisational capability.

The Walton Group can review aspects such as:

  • governance
  • customer service
  • planning & continuous improvement programs
  • internal communication
  • communication with external stakeholders
  • policies, systems and procedures
  • organisational structure & staffing
  • decision-making structures and processes
  • delegations
  • productivity and performance
  • human resources strategies
  • risk management
  • management reporting
  • compliance monitoring; and
  • other board required matters

Why is it important to you?

Reviews provide the board with expert independence required for complex problem solving and decision making. Furthermore it ensures proper governance actions are included in the board agenda through specialist insights.

What do you get?

The Walton Group takes a data-based evidence-lead approach to organisation reviews producing findings and conducting dialogues about them with those who must implement the outcomes. Using our proven mental models, templates and proprietary methodologies we design a process of desktop document review, interviews and focus groups and where required online surveys to produce a tailored report detailing the gaps and strategies required for future performance. We go further with debriefing and support to ensure the necessary actionable first steps are implemented for the board and CEO.