Mr Justice Owen in the HIH Insurance Limited Royal Commission defined organisational culture as “The context within which all decision making happens.” ( xvii Vol 1 The Failure of HIH Insurance April 2003) It is the inherent personality of your organisation, ‘the way things are done around here’, the unspoken social mores or ‘givens’ that guide decision making, behaviour, and ultimately result in an organisation’s reputation externally and internally. Culture goes beyond who an organisation says it is to who it actually is!

Why is it important?

Organisational culture is your most important  management arena as well as the ultimate determinant for performance throughout your whole organisation. It is also an essential foundation for organisations working internationally in cross cultural and cross jurisdictional environments because it operates at the human values and behavioural level which will always go beyond mere rules. A high performance culture enables the board and management to ensure all employees engage with the vision and are committed to the organisation itself.

What do you get?

The Walton Group will use advanced tools and thinking to assess your organisational culture and provide you with the processes to build a values based organisation. Our people are accredited facilitators and coaches and highly experienced in the creation of superior work environments built on leadership and the behaviours that deliver success.

Beyond these, we bring our diverse backgrounds and experience to ensure that every base has been covered so that you get maximum value as quickly as possible. Cultural assessment is one thing but this must also be aligned with your organisational systems, processes and strategic direction as well as your context and circumstances. All aspects are interconnected in a living organisation and all must work together for the whole.