Strategic Human Resource Capability is the leadership, policies, practices, technology, programs and systems that influence employee behaviour, attitudes and performance. These factors combine and need to be consistent with the organisational goals or strategy. HR Capability includes determining needs, planning, attracting, developing, rewarding & retaining talent, and creating a positive high performance workplace. It also includes the important work of the HR Department whether in-company or outsourced.

Why is it important to you?

Directors need to understand the important link between people, profits and performance. Like financial, marketing and legal capability “people” or HR capability is foundational for building organisations. The companies judged to be the “best companies to work for in Australia” recognise the key role that human resource management plays in determining the effectiveness and competitiveness of Australian businesses. Benchmarked organisations and twenty years of research in the field has established the strong positive correlation between clusters of highly developed people practices and programs to profits, performance and sustainability. Additionally, companies are fully centralising programs that drive strategic performance generating benefits beyond simple compliance with regulations. HR Capability can help companies uncover inconsistencies and help them communicate to employees worldwide the value of their employment proposition.

What do you get?

The Walton Group delivers your board and CEO with up to date data, advice and solutions in the area of Human Resources. This mitigates the risk of poor HR functionality to ensure confidence in your people strategy creating a standard for culture and performance with metrics.  Your organisation will become efficient in HR methods so that you can attract and retain the best and brightest employees and executives.

The Walton Group provides due diligence capabilities for the board with customised  report generation to advise on the strengths and gaps in building capability. We are also able to assess your current HR Department delivery and develop action plans to enhance their contribution for the organisation.