Recruiting people with leadership qualities to the board  or as CEO is certainly a first step to good governance and performance. Board members need to contribute not only their time but also quality inputs, discretion and discernment. For the CEO  with the highest formal authority in an organisation, the areas in which he or she is vulnerable increase and become more complex rather than the reverse. Equally as important is managing their individual development. Moreover, well-lead businesses and boards institutionalise a leadership-centred culture and this according to Professor John P. Kotter “is the ultimate act of leadership”.

Why is this important to you?

Without sufficient leadership within the board, the probability of mistakes increases and the probability of success is reduced. What a director does on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour basis rarely fits a stereotype, a fact that can create considerable confusion for those in director roles, especially newcomers. While accreditations can be obtained through coursework, the diverse responsibilities, the difficult work (of both maintaining performance and initiating change) and the matrix of relationships needed should be supported by ongoing development of individual directors. This is also critical for the CEO’s performance. So that they can operate with the best of their abilities directors & CEOs need to understand and grow their ongoing roles and responsibilities as leaders first.

What do you get?

Every leader needs to have experienced and grown through learning – learning to be dedicated and capable of working with and learning from others. Through leadership development directors and the CEO can learn to locate these qualities in themselves and then encourage them in others. This is vital for good boardroom relationships and team dynamics. They can contribute more, develop trusting relationships amongst peers and better lead the CEO’s agenda.

The key strategy is an intelligent assessment of what feasible development opportunities fit each director’s needs. The Walton Group then constructs a tailored plan to progress competencies, confidence & results through the most appropriate methodologies and services. This might range from leadership profiling, coaching and mentoring to training with special tasks and assignments. In all contracts, The Walton Group provides a confidential, supportive environment in which directors can learn and grow optimally.