Because board agendas are so diverse, their needs and concerns are also different. The Walton Group helps create forums for directors with their CEOs to forge opportunities to learn and apply knowledge, imagination and experience toward creating new outcomes and solving mutual problems. Throughout the program development process principles for providing such opportunities are presented to help boards build effective solutions and action plans.

Why is it important to you?

Director involvement in group processes multiplies the efforts, energy and focus on strategic issues and decisions. It produces more effective, quality decisions and actions which can significantly position the strategic focus, culture, governance, performance and risk management of the board to augment the regular schedule of meetings as part of the annual calendar.

Well designed and facilitated programs are an opportunity to spend quality time on key issues not ordinarily afforded directors at regular board meetings. So often time constraints and multiple demands mean that “deep dives,” meaningful debate, and extended development of business opportunities is stymied by the agenda. Moreover sub-Committees might also from time to time benefit from independent facilitation to so that directors can focus on content rather than awkwardly managing the process. It also has the potential to create a legacy in embedding better process protocols.

What do you get?

We create and facilitate customised programs from half days to several days depending on the outcomes required. Programs are “director and issue centred,” based on expressed needs. The process draws on knowledge, creativity and the leadership skills of our team with your directors, thus increasing the quality and effectiveness of programs. The process uses milestones and evaluation in all its phases to keep the program aimed in the right direction.