Mentoring conveys and instills the standards, norms and values of professional directorships and organisational performance. Mentors as recognised experts in their field and role models provide expertise and wisdom functioning as a career guide, providing learning and development and stimulating personal growth to develop new expertise. Coaching is a collaborative solution-focused goal setting exercise designed to support board members in the achievement of personal and professional objectives. It is slightly different in that it is about drawing on an individual’s potential to create new possibilities.

Why is it important to you?

Mentoring and coaching are fast accelerators of skills, knowledge and performance. Both are based on a guided learning journey where the process is as important as the knowledge and skills learned. For directors it enables them to relate in a way at any level at the board table, with the organisation and in their personal life. It also provides a unique opportunity for the chairperson who might not have the time to undertake formal training to develop specific areas of relevance to managing their board and the CEO. For the board itself in terms of their important role in leading the culture it sends an important message to management of the importance of developing their roles in the workplace.

What do you get?

Based on our research and our experience as master coaches and mentors, we have assembled a choice of opportunities which will advance leadership, provide group support, reduce conflict through advanced communication strategies as well as assist with decision making and managing multiple priorities. The approach of most boards to coaching is indicated by the fact that they primarily focus on performance gaps rather than on performance enhancement. The coaching and mentoring step is the bridge between knowing and best practice. Moreover where formal coaches & mentoring is used by boards the importance of developmental relationships are far more likely to be set in the company culture

Our coaching & mentoring programs are structured with a well-defined purpose. They are a series of extended conversations over a pre-determined period which help the participant directors to understand what is important in their role, inviting them to exercise influence over their own performance in new ways with confidence. It is a partnership in which the coach and/or mentor asks powerful questions, helps to reframe possibilities and suggests new ways to think about board issues and their own contribution to success. The programs we develop may include appropriate assessments and retesting as well as milestones and evaluations.