In order for board directors to play a crucial role in the performance of companies, the development of their skills, knowledge and experience is crucial. One of the basic requirements of a board is to ensure its own renewal and development, individually through its own directors and collectively as a highly performing team. The Walton Group assists boards to produce its own board development strategy to assess competency and capability and then to build a customised plan and then deliver on the promise of  advancement of leadership and performance.

Why is it important to you?

Board members need to be conscientious contributors to an organisation’s success. They often comment that they want to be more productive, add more value to their organization, improve their working relationship with fellow members and with management, and extend retention of experienced members. Effective orientation, training and development ensures currency and readiness for the complex issues they are expected to face. In addition, as a board matures and becomes more strategic, it begins to seek out board members to satisfy both committee roles and specific needs including the expanded requirements of development needs into board nominations committees. Moreover the problems of ineffective boards often run deeper than lack of knowledge or skills requiring development processes for relationship-building opportunities to assist boards in growing their own behavioural norms for working together, skills in resolving conflicts and most especially in visioning and strategic planning exercises.

What do you get?

Board development will introduce the directors to advanced assessment, training, coaching and learning programs designed to meet their individual needs. It will assist them to understand and improve their own leadership and communication practices. Additionally it can also help develop group-processes for effective governance, improved relationships and better decision-making. We are also able to evaluate board interactions determining development options for both directors and the whole board. If required, we provide reports using our own proprietary methodologies. Ultimately, the key to our development focus will be the design of customised development strategies to help your board and CEO.