The Walton Group’s Governance Training programs are designed to give your organisation an independent governance health check, paying particular attention to actual, perceived and potential ethical and legal risks. Our systematic approach delivers you a comprehensive, rigorous analysis, followed by a report on suggested development opportunities. We will assist you, whether it be at board level, senior management or more generally, to achieve the best possible governance processes, structures, and practices to support your organisation in its particular context and circumstances.

Our training is conducted in a relaxed conversational and interactive style which is designed to get full engagement from participants, whatever their levels of experience and knowledge. It is also designed to help non-lawyers develop a full understanding of, and confidence with, the important legal concepts that apply to corporations and the people who run them. Delivery can be tailored for all levels of audience, with the latest issues, reports and cases used to inform scenarios and discussion and to challenge people in their roles. In particular, we underpin all of our teaching with a strong focus on ethical thinking skills and seek to draw a comparison, where relevant, between Australian and other international governance jurisdictions.

Why is it important to you?

The governance framework and culture is your organisation’s greatest risk management tool and the foundation for its effectiveness. The more people understand the mandated legal  requirements, roles and duties, and how they interact with human behaviours, the greater the control you will have over the visible and invisible forces within your business.

The Walton Group has deep experience in customising and delivering the training and development programmes that produce the thinking, behaviours and knowledge that you require. Our approach is always a blend of professional rigour for the content and high engagement in the delivery. We add a good dose of fun and personal anecdote to ensure our training is never boring and to make what we say memorable and actionable for all our participants.

What do you get?

Working in partnership with your organisation, The Walton Group designs a training program to suit your needs. Programs will, of course, help you address particular governance issues, such as:

  • The line between the board’s role and that of management
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Possible breaches of confidentiality
  • Inadequate information flows to and from the board
  • Development of rigorous decision making skills
  • Alignment with regulatory guidelines
  • Failure to adequately identify and manage risk, or
  • Failure to add value to the business for any reason.