Governance Reviews are designed to give your organisation an independent governance health check to ensure that all of your systems, processes, roles, lines of authority, controls, reporting mechanisms and culture are delivering the outcomes you need in terms of supporting performance and minimising risk.

Why it is important to you?

Your governance framework can actually interfere with the ability of your people to perform  to their best and may not be addressing the important risks for your organisation. While the legal model is fairly stock-standard, there is no one style that fits all for governance frameworks and they need to be adapted to your context and circumstances so that they support your strategic objectives.

What do you get?

The Walton Group can assess your governance framework and provide the guidance that you need to implement the changes that will help your organisation, and the people within it, to perform. This will give you greater confidence that your people know what you expect of them in everything they do, and will behave accordingly, whether they are right under your nose, or operating internationally. Crucially, it will also close the gap between espoused values and actual behaviours, building greater organisational integrity that helps you sleep better at night!