An ombudsman is an independent, trusted intermediary who investigates complaints and represents the interests of affected people in their relationships with an organisation or government.

Why is it important to you?

In the context of an organisation, the mere presence of an external ombudsman sends a powerful message about an organisation’s willingness to be accountable for the decisions that it makes and about the strength of the organisation’s commitment to treating people transparently and with respect and fairness.

No organisation can afford to be distracted by disputes or have their work-place,  or reputations, undermined by bad feeling or perceptions of injustice. When an issue arises it is of enormous benefit to have a trusted, independent, external party, free of any conflicts of interest, to work through the issues and resolve them.

What do you get?

The Walton Group can bring the highest standards of professionalism, and its ethical and legal experience, to managing complaints with confidentiality, sensitivity and efficiency. Services include thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances, mediation and dispute resolution, followed by a written report with recommendations as necessary. We will resolve the issue, fairly and efficiently, to enable the parties to move on.