Ethics is the name given to the issue of right and wrong behaviour. It goes beyond mere legal compliance and is inevitably greyer and more subjective in its content. Yet it holds just as many risks to business and organisational success and sustainability. Values, the things that are most important to us, are the very essence of ethics and, ideally, will be evident in the behaviours and decision making of everyone involved. Thus, a strong values based culture, in which people have well developed thinking skills, is your greatest weapon against corruption or illegal or inappropriate behaviour. That is because it guides behaviour and decision making in a way which gets behind the rules to provide a firm foundation for resilience and performance throughout your business or organisation.

Why is it important?

Human beings are our greatest asset but also our greatest risk! Where there are people there is ethical risk. Ethical risk is inherent in any business but is frequently overlooked. If your people are thinking ethically they are thinking well! Ethical Thinking Programs teach this important skill and provide the ultimate risk management tool for your organisation.

Ethics Thinking Programs are particularly important to those organisations and businesses working cross-culturally and in different legal jurisdictions. A strong ethical culture will cut across the complexity of multiple legal frameworks to aid good decision making and appropriate behaviour in any geographical context.

What do you get?

The Walton Group will develop a program that fits with your organisation’s needs, governance framework and operational environment, from the board down if you wish. The Walton Group’s aim is always to develop understanding and consciousness in a way which becomes automatic and thus gives you the confidence you need to get on with the business, so that ethical behaviours becomes: ‘the way things are done around here!’