Culture is to an organisation as personality is to an individual. It is a subtle and dynamic entity that shifts and changes according to many influences, especially leadership and experiences, but also systems and architecture. Culture is difficult to see from within but much more visible from outside and can dramatically affect the way people interpret their experiences, make decisions and behave.

Why is it important to you?

Culture can and does affect performance. Justice Owen said in the HIH Royal Commission Report that culture is “the context within which all decision making happens”( xvii Vol 1 The Failure of HIH Insurance April 2003) . For these reasons culture needs to be right for your business and support the values that you need to underpin performance. The right culture is your ultimate risk management tool.

What do you get?

The Walton Group can undertake a thorough assessment of your culture, and sub cultures, to report on existing cultures and the things that are driving them. We make recommendations for change so that cultures become aligned with your organisational needs. For further information see Organisational Cultural Change under Performance and Development Practice.