Ethics is about doing the right thing…. or not! There is a lot of talk about ethics these days but it is a difficult subject to pin down, and can be very grey and highly subjective. It is often far clearer in hindsight when a problem has already emerged. Yet the consequences of not addressing ethics early can be devastating for your business, especially to your most important asset, your business reputation- both internally and externally! Ethics is an often neglected part of an organisation’s governance system and yet the best systems and processes can be undone by just one person doing the wrong thing!

In any governance system, the first issue is to ensure that you are sending clear messages about the ethical values that underpin the way you do things. Then, to ensure that your people can identify ethical issues when they arise and handle them appropriately.

The Walton Group can help you clarify your ethical environment, give you the tools to develop an ethical culture and train your people to  think well, identify ethical issues and use ethical judgment skills.

The result will be greater awareness and greater confidence in the ability to see, discuss and handle ethical issues, against the backdrop of the law and your own internal policies. This reduces the potential for costly mistakes and helps build a culture that supports positive behaviour at every level of your operations. An ethical culture is your greatest risk management tool. As well, it provides the space for people to grow, learn and perform to their potential; great in itself, but also providing a competitive advantage to your business. and the ultimate governance tool.