Every entity should have a strategic vision – where do we want to be in 5, 10, 20 years’ time?  This vision should both lead and align the various components that bring it to life. However, many organisations do not have time or resources and simply operate on a short term business plan dealing with the ‘now’.  As a result decisions can be made with good intent that actually have adverse impacts on the future and can cost the organisation in money and efficiency.

What is it?

A strategic vision is where the entity wants to be in the future, and the foundation of a sustainable enterprise. Having developed the strategic vision the business plans are drawn up to ensure that they are consistent with that direction – decisions are made now which will fit in with where the entity wants to be.  A strategic vision is not set in concrete and enables an entity to accomodate change as it grows.  It is therefore something that must be constantly reviewed as part of an adaptive enterprise.  To succeed, the strategy must be understood by the organisation and its systems and planning need to be consistent with it.

Why is it important to the Board?

The Board is charged with owning the strategic vision of the business. Hence the primary responsibility rests with it. However, it cannot operate in isolation from the rest of the organisation and everyone in the organisation must own and understand it. From this strategic vision flows the organisation’s systems, structure and operation.

What is in it for you?

An organisation working together to achieve a common goal. Apart from providing an efficient operation and a driven organisation it will avoid conflict and misunderstanding between the Board and Management. With a regular reviewing of the strategic vision it will ensure that any shifting in the direction is picked up and well understood by all parts of the organisation.

How do we do it?

We work with both the Board and the organisation’s management and staff to have the strategic vision developed. Typically this is done through a series of workshops at the organisation level and then, with the outworkings worked through, with the Board. Once that strategic vision is finalised we then work with the Board and Management to ensure it is understood, fully integrated, and owned by all parts of the organisation.