Policies are your internal rules to guide what people do in your organisation or business. They can cover many areas, but, at the very least they are needed to ensure that you are obeying the laws that affect your business. At this level, your policies link the external law and regulations, to your internal systems, processes and behaviours so that you meet your legal obligations. Beyond that, they provide the internal systems, processes and guidance through which you govern the organisation.

Why is it important to you?

It is a given that any successful, sustainable business or organisation needs to be fulfilling its legal obligations at every level. To do otherwise is to invite distraction from strategic ends and the expense of dealing with regulators as well as reputational damage. High performance governance implies that you go beyond mere compliance to build an organisational culture that is self-aware and aiming to build highest levels of trust and confidence with all of its stakeholders. Policies are an essential tool through which this can be achieved.

What you get?

The Walton Group will conduct an overview of your business to assess your policy needs against what you presently have in place. Everyone works better in an environment where they are clear about what is required of them. We can develop a clear policy framework and create concise and comprehensive policies to provide your people with the guidance they needs to meet legal obligations at one level and promote performance  at the other.