Every business, organisation and individual must comply with the law regulating their activities across many fronts. To do otherwise is to risk attracting penalties from fines to imprisonment and loss of valuable business reputation.

Why is this important to you?

The pace of legislative reform is increasing, with more limited consultation and review periods before your organisation must implement those changes. Too often corporations do not have the resources or knowledge to revisit their internal and external practices to keep pace with the legal and regulatory developments risking regulatory interference and all of the costs that implies.

For a business to be sustainable, regulatory compliance is an important base line that must be achieved, but a strong business reputation now demands much more.

What do you get?

The Walton Group will ensure that your contracts, policies, procedures and manuals are revised to current best practice and, where possible, beyond best practice.

We can train your staff at every level of your operations so that they fully understand the ethical principles behind the law and develop greater confidence in mediating regulatory expectations in their work and your business.

We can review your policies and procedures and indicate where there are deficiencies, gaps or required adjustments to align behaviours with regulatory needs. We will provide you with access and recommendations, in plain English, which can be adopted by all levels of your management and staff.