Companies receive internal complaints (for example a whistleblower complaint) or external complaints (for example an inquiry or adverse action notice from a regulator) which must receive immediate and appropriate action.

Why is this important to you?

Regulators and complainants will escalate their concerns if you do not provide them with an immediate response reflective and appropriate to the concerns raised. Too often companies ‘react’ rather than consider complaints and attract unnecessary negativity as a result. When you receive the complaint you must be aware of the legal implications of the complaint. For example under the Corporations Act 2001, how do you protect the anonymity of the whistleblower whilst investigating and addressing their complaint? Does the complaint fall within some other legal obligation that you might have but are not aware of such as bullying or harassment in the workplace?

What do you get?

We can provide you with immediate advice, applying our understanding of your corporate environment, to guide you so that your actions, investigations and outcomes work for your company. We can apply our understanding of your corporate environment, to ensure that your actions are responsive, fulfil your legal obligations and provide an efficient and holistic response whilst minimising the disruptions to your company’s activities.