Choosing a new director is an important and tricky business. One new member of the team can be the difference between an effective or ineffective board. It is not only a question of getting the right skills and insight, but also adding sufficient diversity of thinking skills plus getting the character and chemistry right.

Don’t forget that under the ASX Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance, the top 300 listed companies are required to report on their efforts to lift diversity in the ranks of the board and at senior leadership levels. However, all companies wanting to lift performance will be looking to lift levels of diversity, not only with regards to gender mix but also culture, nationality, disciplines, background and generation, all of which offer a different perspective. It is part of connecting your business or organisation to the wider world of ideas and leveraging all that has to offer.

We can help you get the mix right for your organisation. The Walton Group has a database of potential directors, all with solid grounding and/or accreditation in corporate governance and from a wide variety of business backgrounds and experience.

In particular we have access to a large group of highly talented female directors to lift the diversity of your board and take discussions to a new level. Whatever industry or sector, what every stage your business or venture is at, our wide experience in directorship, board reviews, educating directors and building boards, has equipped us to provide the necessary insight into what you need to take your board to the next level.