The board-management partnership is like a dance. In some areas one partner takes the lead and the other supports while at others times the role is reversed. But they must move together, respect each other, understand each other’s roles, and the way they work to be effective.

Why it is important to you?

The effective partnership between your board and management is integral to the success and ongoing harmony of your governance systems. Like a dance, if the board and management are out of step, the result can be disastrous for the individuals involved, for your business, and for your organisation.

What do you get?

Board protocols, decision making tools, and reporting frameworks help but everything ultimately gets down to people and to their relationships. The Walton Group can help the board and management team understand their respective roles better, unpack their relationships and help them develop better partnerships so that they avoid stepping on each other’s toes. Like a dance, these partnerships can flow together as one,  and produce the relationships that work and produce the outcomes you need for your business.