The board is at the centre of the overall governance of your organisation. If the board isn’t working well; doesn’t understand its role and duties to the company; isn’t made up of the right people with the right skills and experience; or doesn’t work well as a collective decision making body, it is hard for the rest of the organisation to perform to maximum effectiveness. Boards are hard to get just right. There are many important elements from the background, experience and basic integrity of the directors or members, through to the issue of chemistry and strategic imagination.

The Walton Group’s Board Reviews & Services Practice gets to the core of your board’s working environment and decision-making processes to take the board to a higher level of self-understanding and value add for your organisation. Whether it’s helping you undertake a complete Board Review, coach the board or individual directors, or helping you identify and recruit appropriate directors for your board,  we have the  skills and the insight, borne of years of experience in working with boards of all types, across all sectors, to enable us to identify what will lift the board’s performance.