Organisations are complex things. This is something that is often forgotten by regulators, the public, and even the best boards and managers. We endlessly try to control, direct, predict and measure to build value, forgetting these tools are more appropriate to machines than organisms; with all of the dynamism, and complex systems of interactivity that term implies. Rather than mere components, these systems are ultimately comprised of human beings, with their endless diversity, which are endlessly shifting and changing as they adapt, respond and react. It is impossible to achieve sustainable success by making each part work better without considering the interactivity of the whole.

Within both legal and strategic frameworks, The Walton Group digs deeper into your organisation to discern the multi-dimensional, social systems at work. Legal and strategic roles and responsibilities are essential but barely dent the surface of the human cultures, dominant and non-dominant groups, conscious and subconscious assumptions and behaviours of which every organisation is comprised.  For us, for Corporate Governance to provide a value-add, it must respond to the complex nature of your organisation.

The Walton Group brings together a team which has maturity and decades of experience, expertise and perspectives to apply this approach to organisations as varied as International Energy Companies through to local community charities. We utilise our diversity to harness the strength of yours.  At core are always the people; their values, behaviours and relationships. The Walton Group prides itself on building awareness; being able to cut through the complexity to put the real issues on the table – so you can get on with the job.