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"The Walton Group works with you to bring the internal forces of your organisation together as one" - Jane Walton

A business that operates with high performance governance has the structures and processes in place to provide it with the flexibility to adapt and change.  A high performance organisation has a thriving culture where people understand their roles, how they fit within the whole, and can grow in skills and confidence.  Those who govern fully understand the creative and constraining forces at work and are accountable for the long-term commercial viability of the business.  It is an environment where leaders are able to exercise their judgment and creativity while recognising boundaries and managing risks.

TWG helps to create that environment. Using our legal, ethical and strategic frameworks, and translating them into language that is relevant to your business and understood by your team, we help build the resilience in your organisation that brings continued success.

For all enquiries in Australia and Asia please contact Fiona Shand on

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